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Message In A Bottle Christmas Greetings Make It Easy to Pour You

As soon as Thanksgiving ends, the mad Christmas rush begins! Along with the sweet smell of evergreen trees and crisp winter air come packed parking lots and droves of people, all scurrying to secure the perfect gift. Instead of braving the hordes at the local shopping mall, many people prefer to knock out their holiday shopping online, from in front of a cozy fireplace or humming heater. There are plenty of places to pick up a suitable suite of gifts, but when you really need to pour your heart into this year's Christmas greetings, take the road less travelled!

Each department store you pass during Christmas time is adorned with the latest in must-have fashion, tech gadgets and home goods. Though these gifts can make plenty of people happy, they lack an emotional significance that can only be found in a personal, intimate gift such as a framed photograph or letter. Items like these are cherished for years, even decades, after they're received.

Last year, I wanted to try something different. Instead of joining all the other eager shoppers in the retail rush for Christmas greetings, I decided to sit down and hand-write an honest, heartfelt letter to each of my family members: Mom, Dad, my grandparents and my two brothers. Though my gifts looked rather modest compared to the other large packages beneath the tree, I was confident that they would delight my family in a way that no big-box department store package could.

I watched as my family unwrapped their gifts and began to read. I knew I had made the right choice when my father's lower lip began to quiver and he wiped his eye of a single tear! In the next moment, my grandparents' and brothers' eyes were misty as well. When my mother embraced me after finishing the letter, she whispered me through grateful sobs, "This is the best Christmas gift I have ever received."

I had no idea how I would top last year's gift, until I learned that I could combine heartfelt, personal sentiment with an elegant piece of art. All I had to do was select a decorative glass bottle that suited each member of my family, then personalize each with a touching note.

As my family unwrapped their bottles and read the notes they contained, a familiar scene unfolded. Everyone dried their eyes and fixed their smiles, and Mom leaned in and whispered, "Now this is the best Christmas gift I have ever received." From now on, my Christmas greetings will be messages in a bottle!