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Health Issues This Upcoming New Year

Year 2010 is almost done. Everybody is already counting days after days just to reach year 2011. Celebrating the New Year's Day will actually make you fat and unhealthy. There are lots of fatty foods and cholesterol - rich dishes which are served in the dining table during the dawn of the 1st of January. You are left with no choice but to indulge, thus forgetting what your doctor in medical lab coats advised you. Your alibi will always be the same, "it is just once a year". But because of this, you tend to overeat and over drink. The next day, you take a rest until your mouth seems to be craving once more for liquor and fatty foods. That will be the start of something sort of a vice.

What you need to do is learn how to exercise in replacement for your habit of eating and drinking. One thing that triggers you to eat and eat as well as drink and drink is emotional problems. That is why there are people suffering from bulimia nervosa. But here is the painful truth; eating and drinking do not solve your emotional problem. What you need is meditation, wellness as well as positive thinking. The one who can help you is not the people in medical lab coats but you yourself. Developing an eating disorder is something which is so frightening. Imagine yourself desperately tickling your throat in order for you to vomit everything inside your stomach. You will end up being still fat, unchanged except your eyes looking so tired and ugly.

What you need to know is that physical fitness is really needed by everybody of whatever age. Whether they are old, young, middle-aged, they are all in need of total package of physical fitness. It would contain balanced diet, regular exercise and a lot of water intake. When we speak of balanced diet, that would include vegetables, meat and rice (or anything that contains carbohydrates). But, the amount of everything must be ample only. You may also include fish in your dish because according to doctors in medical lab coats, fish is a very good source of protein and other minerals. It does not contain a fat that is why it is very healthy to eat.

Now that the year 2011 is at hand, everybody seems to be so busy cooking and preparing dishes for the final tic tac of 2010. Then, it is already January. The list of things that you would have to change as well as improve is already set. So, it is better to have a healthy exit from 2010 and a healthier entrance to 2011. You can start it from your within and the rest will be put in the sound discretion of chance. The least that you can do is prepare for the better 2011.