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Goa Movie Review

?Soundarya Rajnikanth? of Orcher Studios? is busy with many projects in hand. She has plans to release her debut directorial venture 'Sultan' in April 2010, but efforts are put in more to release 'Venkat Prabhu`s movie 'Goa' produced by Soundarya Rajinikanth in collaboration with Hollywood`s Warner Bros.

Soundarya also has plans to remake Kannada movie 'Circus' 'Goa' a multi starring flick with Subramaniapuram 'Jai', Smiling beauty 'Sneha', Vaibhav Reddy, Premji Amaran, Aravind Akash in the lead cast. Close sources reveal that Soundarya will also be seen in on- screen in 'Goa' along with the crew in the last frame.

Melanie Marie Jobstrebitzer, Piaa Bajpai, Sampath Raj, Ajay Raj, Vijaykumar, Anandraj, Nayantara, Silambarasan, Soundarya Rajinikanth, and Yuvan Shankar Raja play other lead casts in the movie. Music is scored by 'Yuvan Shankar Raja' and the voiceover track by popular singers like 'Yuvan Shankar Raja, Karthik Raja, Premji Amaran, Venkat Prabhu and Bhavatharani and is planned to hit the screens during Pongal.

'Goa' is about people who march towards life with lots of expectations in life, but something unexpected happens in their lives, which turns out to be, the best than what has been expected. 'Goa' a happy ride of friends who go to 'Goa' to enjoy their holidays and come across lots of twists and surprises in life. 'Sneha' is playing a negative shade in this movie.

Jai, Premji, Vybhav and Aravind Akash- the Jolly people of ?Goa? from Theni, enter 'Goa' in search of their love. 'Piya' is paired opposite ?Jai? and 'Sneha' is the ladylove of 'Vybhav' and Premji another friend of the jolly group, also has a lover, but who his lover and whose ladylove is 'Maloney Mari' an Austrailian Actress and how does this love effect other people`s life forms the rest of the story.

Expecting 'Venkat Prabhu's 'Goa' to be a hat-trick following the box-office hits of 'Chennai 600028' and 'Saroja'