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Geox Women's Shoes - Unique Style

Geox women footwear is considered today to be the epitome of success, style and of course comfort. This footwear has taken utmost care to make their collection the most unique and trendy. These products come from its parent company Geox. The footwear is the impeccable answer to sweaty feet and abhorrent foot odor.

The human tendency to sweat during exertion cannot be controlled. Hence the feet also sweat causing the moisture to remain and attract micro-organisms that cause odor and foot infections. This is why this brand is your solution as they have the technology of foot ventilation system inside the footwear. The footwear has perforations on the outsole, which provides free air circulation inside the footwear, making the feet cool and fresh.

The concept of providing air circulation in the footwear was initiated by Mario Moretti Polegato who one day realized after a jogging session, that his feet had become too sweaty and wet. Frustrated, he had to make holes in his shoe. The effect was immediately noticed, and from then on Mario was enchanted to make this into reality.

Geox Footwear Company was established in 1990 and the shoe was designed and manufactured by Mario. Once the shoe hit the markets, its fame sky rocketed, and people wanted them more and more. It was originally introduced for people who were suffering from foot disorders due to inappropriate shoe usage. But the popularity of the footwear had grown to such an extent that everybody needed one.

The brand today has more than 250 outlets in around 80 countries and is still going strong. The brand had diversified into women's collection in 2000. The women collection has been crafted with utmost care keeping in mind the delicate feet of the ladies. The angles are perfectly carved and the soles are given extra cushion to provide utmost comfort in their footwear.

Apart from the various praises that have been coming from people across the world about the well-designed features of the shoe, the brand has taken the effort to make researches to prove the difference in heat retention among various conventional footwear and some models from Geox.