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Free Adidas MiCoach App Goes Hand in Hand With Hardware

Adidas have recently released a series of 'miCoach' gadgets that monitor heart rate, distance and speed when running. Unlike usual heart rate monitors, the data is not output on a watch; instead they pair with software downloadable for all smartphones.

What separates the miCoach gadgets from the popular Nike+ pedometer is that they do not pair exclusively with Apple technology. Although the software for the iPhone is likely to be the most popular, the devices will also pair with an array of mp3 players and hardware.

Rather than charging a high price for the software, it is free to download from app stores and the website; this will most likely prove popular as it incorporates GPS enabled smartphones to allow fitness training without purchasing the hardware.

The software can be used on its own but the addition of heart rate and pedometer are much more effective in performance analysis, which Adidas hope will be an incentive to buy the full price gear.

The app analyses data from the GPS receiver, heart rate monitor and footfall counter to determine how effective your training is, it will provide on-the-go feedback that can instruct you to pick up the pace, slow down and will direct you through a predetermined, personalised training schedule.

Adidas have released the products in a bid to compete with rivals Nike over their Nike+ products. The Nike+ is much cheaper but has limited functions and only provides a basic analysis. The miCoach provides one of the most in depth analyses of any personal training device, data can be uploaded to an online database to track your progress and provide useful feedback.

If a user is feeling particularly confident, they can allow their results to be automatically uploaded to Facebook in order to share their results with friends. The results can be streamed wirelessly on the go so your friends can track where you are and how fast you are running. Adidas hopes this will encourage users to train harder as they will feel the pressure of everyone watching.