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Porcelain Crowns Or Caps

Porcelain Caps or Crowns come in several types.  Porcelain is the most popular because it is most attractive and looks natural, unlike metal crowns. Lasting quite a few years, they are extremely durable. Porcelain crowns can be made to match your teeth in color, size, and shape.  This gives you a beautiful, natural looking and long lasting smile.

What is involved in obtaining a crown?

You will usually need two appointments for a crown procedure. During your first appointment, several very accurate impressions or molds of your teeth will be taken.  These will be used in the creation of your custom crown. A temporary crown will be created from a mold.  This crown will be on your tooth for about two weeks.  When your permanent crown comes back from the lab, the temporary crown will be replaced.

A porcelain fixed dental bridge cannot be removed. It is a permanent appliance that does a good job of replacing lost teeth. Bridges come in several types. The options that are the best for your particular case will be discussed between you and your dentist. The most popular type of bridge is the traditional bridge. 

It is created using porcelain fused to metal. Porcelain fixed bridges that look a great deal like natural teeth are quite popular. Bridges of this sort are made up of 2 crowns placed on abutment or anchoring teeth.  These are then connected with artificial teeth or pontics.  This treatment fills gaps when a tooth (or more than one tooth) is missing. Normal wear can cause your dental bridge to need to be re-cemented or even replaced; however, normally these prosthetics are quite durable and will give years of good service.

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